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Google Product Categories (Taxonomy) in your products

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    Module Features

    Sync with Google product taxonomy by link
    Use for eCommerce with Facebook Shop, Facebook Pixel, and Pinterest Tag modules
    Assigning Google product categories to your products in CBMS ODOO

    The app allows importing predefined Google product categories to your CBMS ODOO database. After that you will have a full Google's product taxonomy with the category IDs and the full path of the product category. You can use them to define the "google_product_category" field in your data feed (the additional modules Facebook Catalog Product Feed, Pinterest Tag Catalog Product Data Feed are required).

    Setting of the Google product categories allow improving your Google and Facebook Ads, and bidding on Shopping campaigns. Use for eCommerce with Facebook Shop, Facebook Pixel, and Pinterest Tag modules.


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    Import Google Product Categories
    Go to the menu "Website" - "Configuration" - "Import Google Categories" and click on the "Import/Update" button.
    The import process may take several minutes.
    CBMS ODOO 15.0 Google Product Category import

    You can change the Google product taxonomy URL to download category names in a different language.

    If so, you can activate the "Rewrite Names" option to rewrite the Google category names to the uploaded language.

    After importing go to the "Website" - "Configuration" - "Google Categories" menu to view them.
    CBMS ODOO 15.0 Google Product Category list
    A Google product category can be specified on the "eCommerce" tab on the product form.
    CBMS ODOO 15.0 Google Product Category setting

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    • 2022-06-03
      Fix error on importing taxonomies.
      Add ability to rewrite google category names.
    • 2022-01-29