CBMS accelerates your Enterprise Digital Transformation process by streamlining and simplifying your ERP Implementation.

A speedy ERP Implementation minimizes disruption, improves performance, and adds to the bottom line of the business without wasting valuable resources on the process.

CBMS  offers end-to-end ERP implementation services that take care of installation, data mapping and migration, troubleshooting, configuration, and all other aspects involved in getting the ERP package enterprise-ready for your organization.

CBMS ’s comprehensive ERP support equips businesses with on-time technical, specialist, and training assistance that enables them to drive the growth of their business.

In-depth Understanding and Rigorous Brainstorming ERP starts with you – your business goals and how your ERP system helps you achieve them. That’s why, CBMS  kicks off the implementation project with an exhaustive and meticulous review of your business requirements from your functional experts.

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Is your business equipped to handle your growth? With CBMS, you are always ready to handle any challenge. CBMS’s ERP development capabilities are uniquely geared to develop custom add-ons and module integrations, and offer customizations to help fast growing organizations effectively manage their operations with the most advanced ERP solutions. Our skilled developers and sophisticated development methodologies will deliver you customized ERP development services that empower your organization to get more done using less resources and add to the bottom line. CBMS ’s highly skilled and experienced ERP Development services lend you the edge over your competitors.

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Switch to CBMS ERP Support Services for unmatched reliability

Modern ERP systems are built on towering walls of code. Bugs, errors, and issues are a frequent phenomenon with them. CBMS , with its deep understanding of open source ERP systems, is in a unique position to offer ERP expert support services to you.

CBMS ERP experts bring laser focus to every ERP issue resolution for your organization. By leveraging their extensive knowledge and unparalleled skills, they resolve your ERP issues on priority, so that your projects do not suffer any delays. CBMS ERP Support is your partner in success.

We Make Your ERP a Highly Productive Asset for Your Organization

By combining our decades of experience and a strong understanding of the needs of modern organizations, we have created a three-pronged ERP support strategy for businesses – Support, Maintain, and Progress.

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CBMS ERP Training for Unprecedented Organizational Productivity

Enterprise Resource Planning systems have a steep learning curve. To take full advantage of the ERP systems and unlock their full potential, your staff should become familiar and comfortable with the new ERP system.

CBMS  reduces intra-organizational resistance to adoption of new ERP systems by providing in-depth staff training services and enable your staff to operate at their full efficiency after the adoption of a new ERP system.

Modular and Roles-Based ERP Training to Help Your Business Realize the Full Benefits of Your ERP System

Your organization is only as efficient, productive, and skillful as your staff. CBMS brings them up to speed with the latest features, technologies, and ERP skills, so that they are able to combine their capabilities with those of the ERP’s to contribute to your organization meaningfully.

CBMS ERP Training services are personalized to the demographics, background, and requirement of the ERP users. Organizational users are imparted with the appropriate knowledge and skills required to perform their functional responsibilities with ease on the ERP system.

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We provide Customized Solutions

There is no suitable solution for every stage of Business development. However, with the assembly structure of the CBMS platform, Business totally can expand, customize, and add features to suit specific requirements that other software cannot meet.

At CBMS, we have a team of designers and solution developers who are technology experts with extensive experience in researching and developing ERP solutions in the market, automated robot programming quality control systems, ensuring future compatibility and scalability. 

We strive to provide value for Customers by Solving specific management problems for Businesses, Optimally developed features derived from understanding and responding to customer needs

We consult in-depth advice from a team of experts with commitment to quality thanks to the development team with comprehensive knowledge of professional and technical issues

We ensure cost savings for business development and operations, ensuring compatibility with existing functions and possibility to upgrade and expand in the future

We provide Automatic robot quality control system.

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We are one of the best mobile application development companies in Nigeria. We design and customize your mobile app to the latest technologies, allowing it to release across all of Apple and Google, as well as any mobile or tablet device. Our unique digital solution, along with timely delivery, transparency, and ethics, will bring your idea to life and make your product successful.

Digitize your business with Mobile first approach. We help you to build engaging iOS and Android mobile applications. Integrate, migrate or rebuild your existing software apps to mobile platforms with us.

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CBMS DevOps Services

Collaborate effectively to optimize your software development cycles and transform operations with our comprehensive DevOps services. Collaborate effectively to optimize your software development cycles and transform operations with our comprehensive DevOps services.

Our DevOps Services and Solutions

As a leading DevOps Services Company, we believe that rapid and efficient software development, deployment, and implementation are the keys to enhancing operational agility and driving sustainable business growth.

Through smooth integration of your development (Dev) and operations (Ops) facilitated by our comprehensive DevOps Implementation Services, we enable your organization to simplify software cycles, enhance team collaboration, and achieve operational excellence. With our advanced DevOps automation services, your business can unlock faster software delivery, shorten time-to-market, minimize risks, optimize resource allocation, and drive digital transformation in this rapidly changing and highly competitive business landscape.

DevOps Consulting

With a focus on optimizing software development workflows and enhancing collaboration, our DevOps Consulting Services provide tailored strategies and solutions for your unique business needs, aligning your business objectives with your development practices.

DevOps CI/CD Services

Our expertise in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment using tools like Jenkins, GitLab Pipeline, and Argo CD automates your software development and delivery. Our DevOps CI/CD Solutions optimize your release cycles for rapid business impact.

Kubernetes & Docker

Our Kubernetes and Docker services enable containerized applications, seamless deployments, and enhanced scalability. From design to DevOps implementation, our Kubernetes and Docker solutions equip your infrastructure, enhancing efficiency.

Infrastructure as Code

Through Terraform, Ansible, and AWS CloudFormation, our Infrastructure as Code (IaC) services enable your business to automate infrastructure provisioning and management, facilitating agile management and rapid adaptation to evolving business needs.

Cloud Services

Unlock the full potential of your business by using top cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, and Google, guided by our experts to meet your specific business needs. Enhance your cloud performance, security, and cost-efficiency through our comprehensive cloud services.

DevOps Deployment

We specialize in implementing advanced deployment strategies, such as Blue-Green and Canary Deployment, to ensure smooth updates, neglect downtime, mitigate risks, and strategically maximize the impact of your software throughout its deployment cycles.

Accelerate the delivery and improve the quality of your software cycle with our DevOps services.