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What is CBMS

CBMS is an All in one digital Office management software for all your business needs. An AI powered cloud technology solution that helps you to manage your daily Business Sales  and Processes. Imagine a magic office tool that runs your entire business, from sales to pos, to accounting to customer service, helpdesk, HR, CRM, Social Media Marketing all in one place. That's CBMS, a super-flexible web and mobile application suite that's like a Swiss army knife for entrepreneurs to create and manage their business office processes and daily tasks as quickly as possible.

CBMS is easy to use, even for newbies. The clean design and easy interface makes it a breeze to use, even for grandma (no offense, grandma!). No more struggling with manuals – just click and go! CBMS isn't just one tool, it's a whole toolbox. It has over 1000 modules that you can mix and match, to create any type of office or business model from managing your products inventory to building an online website store to keeping track of customer chats, collecting bill payments, deliveries etc. Need something more specific? There's probably an app or module inside CBMS apps store for that need. Browse through CBMS Apps or Modules Database to find what you need.

Above all CBMS is flexible as it can bend itself to suite your business need, unlike other stiff software solutions that you cannot customize, CBMS is different. CBMS is flexible and bends itself to suite your needs. It's super flexible, so you can customize it as you like to fit your business perfectly, whether you're just a tiny startup or a big company. Watch the CBMS Studio Video to learn how to easily rearrange CBMS to suite your business need.


Over 3000 CBMS apps  to manage your daily business.

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CBMS POS Features At a Glance

Many exclusive features are on this Shop / Restaurant management software.

  • Works Online and Offline without Internet
  •  Manage Multiple Outlets / Branches / Warehouse
  •  Easy to use very flexible POS Interface
  •  Comes with a free website eshop - sell online too
  •  Manage Tables, Floor Plans, Kitchen Display, Self Order

CBMS Restaurant POS

Online / Offline POS Software


A POS system is required to automate the order-taking process, table reservations, and create a smooth communication bridge with the kitchen.

Integrating a restaurant POS system with your restaurant business would be a wise investment. Our user-friendly POS system will fulfill your all POS needs.

CBMS POS Kitchen Dashboard

CBMS POS has a very user-friendly kitchen management system. One can change food order status easily (Accept, Pending, Ready) from this dashboard. One can filter the orders by group or token number.

Easy Installation  and
Free Website

CBMS POS restaurant software has a dynamic and smooth website that integrates with your system. This software is very easy to install.

Even a non-coder person can easily configure this for his/her restaurant business. We also give support for the installation process. So don’t worry about the first part of your restaurant business journey with us.

CBMS POS Real-time  

Sale’s Reports

CBMS POS has a dynamic reports solution. You can generate many types of daily, monthly or yearly reports as per your needs.

Stock Management

You can’t know which you’ll require unless you observe your stock environment. Identifying every single entity and preparing a full report by hand, on the other hand, would take a long time.

To maintain the complete system and save you time and effort, we’ve introduced this feature.

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PACKAGES FOR Small Business Owners SMEs - Separate ODOO CE Databases 


₦‎ 5 000

/ month
  • CBMS POS / ERP for up to 2 Staff
  • Access to Bronze Package Modules
  • Limited customization
  • Free support


₦‎ 10000

/ month
  • CBMS POS ERP for up to 15 staff
  • Access to Silver Package Modules
  • Unlimited Customization - STUDIO
  • Free support


₦‎ 20 000

/ month
  • CBMS POS ERP for up to 50 staff
  • Get access to all modules
  • Unlimited customization - STUDIO
  • Free support

For Bigger  Requirements / Separate VPS / Odoo Enterprise Features - Kindly Contact Us for Budget 

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