CBMS ERP Project Planning and Gantt Chart


Created Gantt chart based on hierarchy of project,subproject,wbs,task groups and tasks
Project Planning and Gantt Chart
Created Gantt chart based on hierarchy of project,subproject,wbs,task groups and tasks
gantt chart
project planning
construction gantt chart
project controlling
project planning in CBMS ODOO
gantt chart in CBMS ODOO
CBMS ODOO construction

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    Project Planning and Gantt Chartin CBMS

    In this CBMS module is basically designed for Planning and Controlling of Project

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    fundamental components in our Project planning and controlling.

    • Project
    • Sub Project
    • WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
    • Task Groups
    • Task

    Project View:

    After placing the google map api key, you will be able to see the google map in CBMS.

    • Setting: Company name, Project Address, Project category, etc
    • Sub Project:Sub projects defined for current Project
    • Site Info:Saleable Area, Built Up Area, Plot Area, Site Contact No, etc.
    • Documents: Project document of any type can be uploaded.

    Sub Project View:

    We can define sub project for the particular project.

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    Project WBS:

    Project WBS is Work Breakdown Structure.Here we can define required resources ie. Material and labour for particular Project.Also we define actual and planned start and finish dates here.

    After selection of tasks from library, it will create resources details in Estimated Material and Estimated Labour Section.


    N number of groups and tasks can be added under group.


    Resources are manpower and material which can be added in task.

    Gantt Chart:

    Features Of Gantt:

    1. Every element is editable from gantt chart
    2. Zooming is possible
    3. Manage task status
    4. Manage dependencies
    5. Full undo-redo support
    6. Supports N-levels

    Project Selection Wizard:

    In The following wizard user has to select project and Gantt Chart will open for selected project on button 'View Gantt Chart'.

    All details of any element can be edited from Task Editor.

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