CBMS ERP POS Loyalty & Rewards Program


Provide loyalty points on every purchase to your customers with some redemption benefits in Point Of Sale. http://mymycbms.com/blog/odoo-pos-loyalty-management/

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    CBMS POS Loyalty Management

    Manage Loyalty Points for CBMS POS Customers!

    CBMS POS loyalty management module allows you to run a loyalty program in your store with the POS. You can give value or rewards in the form of loyalty points to your valuable customers on the basis of their purchase amount.


    User Guide


    Customer retention is one of the most crucial prospects for any business. However, retaining a customer is a big challenge in today‘s competitive market. The stores introduce Loyalty programs with a view to retaining customers by offering discounts.
    Rewards programs not only encourage people for their first purchase but also prompts them towards continuing next time from your store. It is always beneficial to use loyalty programs in your store. Identifying the importance of loyalty programs in today‘s competitive market is not only crucial to retain the customers but also to give a personalized brand experience to the contemporary shoppers.
    CBMS POS Loyalty Management Module lets you configure the loyalty program in the CBMS POS. You can set a minimum purchase amount for the CBMS POS customers to earn loyalty reward points. The loyalty points are automatically added to the customers’ account after the purchase which can be viewed by the admin in the CBMS backend. The customers can redeem these loyalty points on their next purchase or whenever they want. The details of points redemption of each customer are also saved in the backend.
    CBMS POS Loyalty Management Module For Your offline store
    CBMS POS Loyalty programs are the next step for your store towards customer service and experience. Use Loyalty programs in your CBMS POS to step up to the customer"s expectations.
    Introduce and manage the Loyalty programs on your CBMS POS from the same screen you use to manage your CBMS store with CBMS POS Loyalty Management Module.
    No need to dwell on the complex details. Just configure the steps and start giving loyalty points to your customers for their purchases in the CBMS POS. The loyalty programs History helps you to sort out the between regulars, high-end customers, most valuable customers, etc.
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    Flexibility to set Redemption type For Loyalty Points
    With one time redemption, the customer can only redeem the accumulated only once after which the rest of the points would lapse. While the partial redemption allows the left points to be used again over next purchases until none is left.
    Apart from this, you can reward Loyalty Points To The Customers For Signing Up For The Loyalty Program. You can choose to give away loyalty points to the customers when they choose to sign up for the Loyalty Program on your CBMS POS.

    Detailed Features

    Below is the detailed list of Feature for CBMS POS Loyalty Management

    Introduced Loyalty Program in CBMS POS

    • The module lets you introduce a Loyalty Program for your CBMS POS customers.
    • The customers earn loyalty points for making purchases from your Point of Sale which can then be redeemed on subsequent purchases.

    Set the criteria for Loyalty Points

    • You can set rules for the customers to earn loyalty points based on purchase amount.

    Set the Threshold to earn loyalty

    • The threshold purchase amount can also be defined for the customers to be eligible to earn loyalty points.

    Set the Loyalty Redemption Criteria

    • The points can be redeemed on a one-time basis or partially on multiple orders as configured by the CBMS admin in the backend.
    • Set the amount that can be redeemed with each loyalty point.

    Check the history of loyalty reward points

    • The history of loyalty reward points redemption by every customer can be seen in the CBMS backend.
    • Moreover, you can also check loyalty points for each customers seperately.

    Show the Loyalty Redemption Information in Receipt

    • The Loyalty Redemption Information is shown to the customer in CBMS POS Receipt
    Loyalty points will be displayed on POS
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    Display Customers loyalty points
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    Redeem points earned by the customers
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    Display of total points earned in POS Ticket
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    Create rules for calculating loyalty points
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    Define rules to redeem loyalty points as discount
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    Loyalty points can be calculated on basis of Purchase Amount
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    Loyalty points can be calculated on basis of POS product category
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    Define loyalty points for a product category
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    Loyalty Points Credit/Debit Transactions
  • Loyalty History List
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