CBMS ERP POS Credit Limit


To provide credits for regular customers in POS

To provide credits for regular customers in POS.
This app works with the Customer Credit Limit with Due Amount Warning
You can set a warning stage and blocking stage for the credit to a
particular company.
This module also shows the due amount of each customer.

₦ 5,000.00 5000.0 NGN ₦ 5,000.00

₦ 5,000.00

    This combination does not exist.

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    POS Credit Limit

    Provides credit for regular customers with Warning and Blocking Limit in Point of sale


    The POS Credit Limit module is used to provide credit for customers through point of sale.The customer will be alerted when the credit amount reaches the warning limit and will be blocked from further payment, when customer’s credit amount reaches the blocking limit. However, when a customer repays his debt, he will be once again able to pay for his orders using the credit payment method. This app also favors partial payment of the customer.
    This module depends on Customer Credit Limit with Due Amount Warning


    Community & Enterprise Support

    Available in CBMS ODOO 15.0 Community and Enterprise.

    Provide credit for customers.

    Set Warning limit and Blocking limit for Credit.

    New Credit Journal automatically added.


    New Credit Journal

    New journal with the name "Credit"" will be added on upgrading the module after installing it.

    Create Credit Journal Manually

    New journals can be converted as credit journals using the boolean field.

    Activate/Deactivate Credit

    Activate/Deactivate the credit option for the customers under the invoicing tab in customer form. Set a warning limit and blocking limit for credit payment.

    Credit Payment Method in PoS

    Add credit payment method to the PoS in the configuration under Payments section.

    Option to View Credit and Limit in Customer Selection Page

    The credit and credit limit of each customer can be viewed in the PoS customer selection window. The credit limits are highlighted if the credits crosses the credit limit.

    Warning to Select Customer in PoS

    A warning will be displayed to select the customer if the user tries to choose the credit payment method without the customer.

    Warning If Credit is Higher than Credit Limit

    A warning will be displayed if the user tries to choose the credit and credit is higher than the limit.

    An Alert if the Credit Crosses the Warning Limit

    An alert will be displayed if the user uses credit and the credit crosses the warning limit after the current order.

    Block if the Credit Crosses the Blocking Limit

    The customer will be blocked from using credit with a warning if the credit crosses the blocking limit after the current order.

    A Warning if the Customer is Ineligible

    A Warning will be displayed if the customer is not eligible for credit.

    Indicate Amount in Receipt

    The credit amount will be displayed in the receipt.

    Paid Amount Total Without Credit

    The credit will not be included in the paid total amount of an order.

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