CBMS ERP Barcode for Mobile Phone


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    Important Notes

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    CBMS Barcode Mobile App

    CBMS Barcode V15 is the best inventory management app for CBMS 15. This app supports CBMS Community and CBMS Enterprise editions. The CBMS Barcode app is more convenient than any other solution available, with a great UI/UX experience and great efficiency, all from the comfort of your mobile phone. You can manage packages, lots, and serial numbers with ease. If the barcode is damaged, you can always manually input the data. Any kind of barcode or QR code is supported. The advanced picking screen helps you pick the items safely without any complications like overpicking , underpicking.or wrong picking. The Receipts screen allows you to put your items in the most suitable place. Advanced inventory adjustment allows you to change the stock within a location or within a package. Since all the lines are grouped by product and package, it is easy to visualize all the products.

    Features and Functions

    Warehouse Operations

    When you receive purchase order or prepare a delivery order you need to validate the products quantity you send. This time warehouse operation function is a life savor. This helps to reduce inventory errors. This will help your business to deliver correct products to your customer.

    Advanced Picking Guider

    When picking products it is essential to pick the correct products for the sustainability of the business. Here we introduce advanced picking guide which sort all the locations and show you all the details of the picking. You can customize the fields you want to scan. Since the camera is open in the same screen it becomes really easy to use smartphone

    Picking Data Group By

    When there is multiple lines of same product you may need to group by the product and also by the package.

    Add Product Manually With A Simple Search

    Sometimes the product barcodes are damaged. In those time you might need to search the product and add the product manually to the operation. It is easier than ever with the real time. If the the barcode isn't scannable you can use the keyboard to select the amount.

    Smart Action Panel

    Smart action panel let's you do all the actions available in CBMS ODOO without login to the CBMS ODOO back end.

    Product Information Viewer

    Salespersons and warehouse managers mostly work with a single location. You need to know stock data to each location with ease.That is why integrated CBMS stocks levels are hard to use. Surely, you have to push a few buttons, apply groupings and filters to retrieve required product information. However, is it comfortable? Hardly. Moreover, it is confusing since sudden misunderstanding leads to customer dissatisfaction. So, you need a tool to provide essential inventory data and price details at a glance. Here it comes!.This app allows you to see the all the details about your product in one click.scan the barcode or use advance realtime search bar to select the product

    Barcode Scan To Search Product

    Scan the product barcode to search the product.

    Advance stock details table

    This table allows to see your inventory stock in warehouses and internal locations.

    Inventory Adjustment

    Do you want to scan Barcode with ease? Do your time wasting in Stock Adjustment operations by manual product selection ? So here is the solutions this modules useful do quick operations of Stock Adjustments using Barcode scanner. You no need to select product and do one by one. scan it and you done!. Adjust stock in multiple locations. Scan the location and scan the product. This module automatically select the location and add the product


    Easy to add products and change quantity in inventory adjustment by barcode scanner

    Easy to change location in inventory adjustment by barcode scanner.

    Create stock adjustments to multiple locations in single session

    Add product manually with a simple search using realtime updating search bar.

    Barcodes eliminate the possibility of human error.

    No special configuration required, install it, use it.

    It reduces human efforts.

    Add products and change quantity by barcode scanner

    Use the barcode scanner to change the scanned quantity of the product or scan a new product to add them to the stock adjustment. If user add new product to the inventory adjustment it will shown in red line because the that product was not assigned to the user

    Create stock adjustments to multiple locations

    Scan the barcode of the location or use location selector to change or to select new location

    Add Product Manually With A Simple Search

    Sometimes the product barcodes are damaged. In those time you might need to search the product and add the product manually to the stock adjustment. It is easier than ever with the real time updating search bar.Search by internal reference, barcode or using the name. You can select the quantity through the special keyboard

    Lot and Package Management

    You can adjust inventory of every package individually which is essential for package management.You will get a specific scanning screen to scan the products with lot numbers serial numbers to reduce the errors and increase efficiency.

    If you have any problem please contact us

    Please make sure to reboot the server and restart the service after installation