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    Important Notes

     A new Company Database is automatically created when you order a Software Package from the shop and Login details sent to your email, login to the new database and on Apps page you can activate the Software purchased.

     If you want this module or app to appear in your existing database first login to your database and visit the Apps page to search for this module name and click Activate or Install   

     To order now select the correct Currency for your Country  from the Top right corner or use USD if your country is not available . Default Standard Package Price is shown, 

    You can purchase extra addons or extra users  to top up your existing database by contacting us or opening a Support Ticket 


    Community Enterprise CBMS.sh

    Website Dashboard Ninja

    Ksolves Website Dashboard Ninja opens up limitless possibilities for you to present your data to the world with the help of awesome features of 'Dashboard Ninja’ as a website snippet to be added at any page on the website!

    Website Dashboard Ninja is Fully Dynamic and Configurable from CBMS backend with the help of our Dashboard Ninja app!

    Website Dashboard image

    Key Features

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      Design your Beautiful and Dynamic Website Dashboard with our Dashboard Ninja app
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      Add your configured dynamic Dashboard anywhere on website using Drag & Drop feature as a Website snippet
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      Feasibility to display overall data or the logged-in user’s data.
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      All data: This feature will allow you to access the dashboards on the websites even for the non-logged in user. It will show same data to all the users.
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      User data: This feature will allow you to access the Dashboard data as per the logged in user's access rights.
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      Real-time Data Our dashboards refresh automatically to show the most recent data available.
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      Powerful Filters Slice and dice your data with Date filters on the fly.
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      Complete Data in one Place Organize your data in one view of your Website!



    Our Releases

    1st March, 2022

    Latest Release 1.0.1

    Minor code changes related to the refresh interval.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Is this app compatible with CBMS Enterprise?
    Yes, our app works with CBMS Enterprise as well as Community.
    Need some customization in this app, whom to contact?
    Please drop email at sales@ksolves.com or raise a ticket through CBMS store itself.
    Do you provide any free support?
    Yes, we do provide free support for 90 days for any queries or any bug/issue fixing.

    Ksolves will provide FREE 90 days support for any doubt, queries, and bug fixing (excluding data recovery) or any type of issues related to this module. This is applicable from the date of purchase.


    Extensively Tested on CBMS Vanilla with Ubuntu OS

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