CBMS ERP Dashboard Ninja Advance


Dashboard Ninja Advance for CBMS allows you to showcase your complex data in
form of interactive and engaging charts or list views. Manage the complicated data of
your business and get a detailed insight into your sale. Dashboard Ninja Advance,
Dashboard Ninja, Modern CBMS Dashboards, Powerful Dashboard, Beautiful Dashboard,
Modern Dashboard, Chart Dashboard, Graph Dashboard, Pie Chart Dashboard, Ninja Dashboard.

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Dashboard Ninja Advance

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    Important Notes

     A new Company Database is automatically created when you order a Software Package from the shop and Login details sent to your email, login to the new database and on Apps page you can activate the Software purchased.

     If you want this module or app to appear in your existing database first login to your database and visit the Apps page to search for this module name and click Activate or Install   

     To order now select the correct Currency for your Country  from the Top right corner or use USD if your country is not available . Default Standard Package Price is shown, 

    You can purchase extra addons or extra users  to top up your existing database by contacting us or opening a Support Ticket 



    Dashboard Ninja Advance Dashboard Ninja Advance

    Dashboard Ninja Advance breaks all the limitations of productivity by simplifying complex data into attractive charts. Make better decisions by transforming your sensitive business data into secured and impactful Dashboard Ninja Charts.

    Ksolves - Your one-stop solution

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    If you need to strengthen your Dashboard Ninja application, add the advanced version with the following powerful features:

    Dashboard Ninja Advance

    dashboard icon
    Dashboard Ninja
    Tv icon
    TV Mode
    List view icon
    List-View Layouts
    SQL icon
    Custom SQL Query

    TV Mode

    TV Mode feature helps a user to display the charts during office presentations over television or wallboard. Use the Play button to rotate the dashboard items at certain intervals of time.

    dashboard advance presentation

    New Layouts
    For ListView

    New Layouts for ListView allows a user to present vertically stacked data with an engaging User Interface. Sort and Filter the collected data into multiple columns with 3 amazing layouts.

    Custom SQL Query

    To club the data of Multiple models in a single dashboard item, a user can use the Custom SQL Query. Create unlimited data combinations, configure stacked charts, and filter the data using the Dynamic Date Filter option.

    Use custom query in three ways:
    Custom Query for ListView
    Custom Query for Chat
    Custom Query using Date Filter
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    Ksolves is 24/7 open to discuss your thoughts and queries!

    Yes, our app works with CBMS Enterprise as well as Community.

    Please drop email at sales@ksolves.com or raise a ticket through CBMS store itself.

    Yes, we do provide free support for 90 days for any queries or any bug/issue fixing.

    • Minor code changed related to the Date Filter.

    Yes, It is possible to create Dashboard item from data of two different models with Sql Query feature

    • Fixed the issue on exporting the excel with #{MYCOMPANY} and #{UID} in query

    Latest Release 1.0.6

    31st August, 2022
    • Dashboard mobile compatibility improvements.

    Release 1.0.5

    29th July, 2022
    • Updated the dashboard rendering to manage the js console log warning.

    Release 1.0.4

    16th June, 2022
    • Dashboard item KPI custom query feature added.

    Release 1.0.2

    15th March, 2022
    • View improvement for Listview Item preview.

    Release 1.0.1

    16th February, 2022
    • Minor code change related to the Date Filter.
    Free 90 Days Support

    Ksolves will provide FREE 90 days support for any doubt, queries, and bug fixing (excluding data recovery) or any type of issues related to this module. This is applicable from the date of purchase.

    Note Extensively Tested on CBMS Vanilla with Ubuntu OS

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