CBMS ERP Knowledge Base System


Knowledge Base System company FAQ company Policy updates knowledge management tool knowledge wiki program document knowledge document management knowledge portal for knowledge base portal knowsystems portal document portal Knowledge FAQ Knowledge Policy

Knowledge Base System is used for company internal FAQ and Policy updates

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    Important Notes

     A new Company Database is automatically created when you order a Software Package from the shop and Login details sent to your email, login to the new database and on Apps page you can activate the Software purchased.

     If you want this module or app to appear in your existing database first login to your database and visit the Apps page to search for this module name and click Activate or Install   

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    You can purchase extra addons or extra users  to top up your existing database by contacting us or opening a Support Ticket 


    CBMS Knowledge Base System Apps

    Knowledge-Document Portal System CBMS apps helps to Create Knowledge Management System to provide Information, General Terms, Company Guidelines or FAQs about the organization in an efficient manner.

    User Access Rights

    Configure User Access Rights for Knowledge Base, Sections And Tags.

    Get Benefit from your Knowledge

    User Can Get Information About Articles Using Email.

    KnowSystem Articles in Portal and Website

    User Can Access KnowSystem articles in portal and website, After Publishing Knowledge Base Record.


    Configure User Access Rights

    Configure User Access Rights for Knowledge Base, Sections And Tags.

    Create Records Of Knowledge Section

    Create Records from Knowledge > Knowledge Section

    Create Records Of Knowledge Tags

    Create Records from Knowledge > Knowledge Tags.

    Create Record Of Knowledge Base

    After Completing Knowledge Section and Tags, Create Records for Knowledge Base.

    User Can Print Knowledge Base Record

    KnowSystem Interface

    Using Knowledge Base Record In Email

    User Can Get Information About Articles Using Email. Knowledge System > Configuration > KnownSystem Configurations > Use Article In Mail

    Article On Send by Email Button In Sale Order.

    Publish Record On Website

    User Can Publish Record On Website by Clicking On the Website Smart button.

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