Real Estate Management Software - CBMS ERP REMS

Real Estate Management
- Properties Hierarchy
- Google Maps Integration
- Units Reservation
- Ownership Contracts Managament
- Easy Tenant Management
- Invoicing Management & Accounting Integration
- Property Refund
- Email Notifications
- Integration with CBMS Website
- Comprehensive Reporting

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    Important Notes

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     If you want this module or app to appear in your existing database first login to your database and visit the Apps page to search for this module name and click Activate or Install   

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    Properties Hierarchy

    Group property Regions, and building

    Track all important details for your properties + image gallery for the property.

    All activities done for your property will be captured in an easy way to be tracked at your convenience.

    Google Maps Integration

    Representing building units on google satellite maps

    Addresses for your properties can be geocoded with color representation on Google maps according to their status
    Showing sold units in red pins, reserved units in blue ones, and free units in green
    Clicking on a unit on the map will open the property screen in new tab in order to be viewed or reserved

    Units Reservation

    Managing reservations and installments calculations in an automated easy manner with the option of releasing property resevation after certain period of time

    Ownership Contracts Managament

    Converting reservation to ownership contract automatically

    Ownership contract can be either created directly or generated from unit reservation screen

    Ownership contracts are integrated with Accounting module in the stage of sales and payments collection

    Easy Tenant Management

    Improve your communication with your tenants with a real-time activity tracking

    Rental contracts are integrated with Accounting module in the stage of sales and payments collection

    Invoicing Management & Accounting Integration

    Pay for contracts with Automated Late Fees and discounts (Either globally or per installment)

    Property Refund

    Refund properties with few clicks

    Managerial expenses can be set either by value or percentage

    Journal entries will be generated automatically for refund payment and managerial expenses

    Managerial expenses can be set either by value or percentage

    Managerial expenses account is set in the module configuration

    Email Notifications

    Due Payments Notifications

    supports automatic email notifications to customers with late payments.

    Notification Email format adapts dynamically, you can change the forwarded email format freely.

    Sales Commission for Users

    Real Estate module allows you to define and configure the following:

    - When to pay commission (either contract based or payment based.

    - Calculation based on Fixed percentage or by sections

    - Apply to sales channels or salesmen

    Integration with CBMS Website

    Properties Page

    Advanced Image Gallery for properties

    Comprehensive Reporting

    Ownership Contract Analysis

    Rental Contract Analysis

    Units Reservation Report

    Ownership Contract Report

    Quittance Letter Report

    Occupancy Rate Report

    Customers Late Payments Report

    Salesperson Sales Report