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CBMS ODOO Hospital Management to manage all your operations with billing
Hospital Management System
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    CBMS Odoo Hospital Management ERP System solution provides you with multiple features such as healthcare management solutions, Odoo medical record solutions, electronic medical record EMR, Hospital information system, Odoo healthcare management. We crafted this module to ensure the needs of small to big orgnaization can be taken care of in any case there are some features missing additions can be done on this module via customizations in the App.

    Odoo medical record solution is one of the important software which helps you to manage your hospitals and clinics including billing, purchases, inventory, patient, Accounting, Diseases and many more . . Our team after extensive research on Healthcare industry tried covering most of the aspects in our hospital management module further all our modules are linked with one of the leading open source ERP Modules such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Human Resource, Accounting and so on creating it as one of the complete ERP software package for Hospital and Clinical Industries.



    Globalteckz Hospital Management ERP System module provides you with Healthcare management,  Medical Management, EMS, Electronic Health records management, healthcare information systems, clinic Management systems and many more …

    Odoo Hospital Management module provides you with following features

    Health center Management

    Buildings Management

    Wards management

    Bed Management

    Operation Room


    Domiciliary Units

    Patient – Out Patient Admissions

    Patient – In Patient Admissions


    Call Logs

    Physicians & Appointments

    Physicians Management









    Lab Tests


    Imaging Tests








    Disease Categories

    Health & Products


    Let have a look at the screenshot and functions that is offered by Odoo ERP Hospital Management Module :

    After installation of the this ERP module you can see main menu which has been created in Odoo. Below is the image of Healthcare centres that you can manage in Odoo ERP software

    You can click on create button to add more healthcare centers (healthcare information systems) -Form for adding new healthcare center (Fields are further customizable as required)

    Managing buildings

    To create any new buildings you can simply add by creating it

    You can add all the necessary information about the building including the health center and code if require

    Wards Management – you can start adding the new wards from Health center menu

    Here we have added the ward no 1, which includes the floor number if it is a private ward room, building associated with that ward, facilities available in that war like telephone access, television refrigerator, AC etc

    Bed management – or adding new beds can be done through health Center – simply click on bed management and then on create button

    Here you can see we have created this new bed for the particular ward you can assign ward, building healthcare center and son on… Currently if you see this bed if in Free state once this is reserved or occupied by patient it will move to other stages automatically. This helps you to see how many beds are available in particular ward.

    Below is the occupied bed which can be seen in the below image

    Operation room management : This function helps you to manage your operation room

    Below are the list of operation room that has been created – healthcare centers and buildings can be seen associated with individual hospital operation room. You can also see the status of your existing operation room.

    Below is the operation room which is in free status. You can reserved the operating room, or mark as occupied.

    Apothecary management – is another important area designed in this Healthcare management module which helps to ease processes for pharmacist with efficiency.

    Here you can see the list of apothecary added with associated health center, address and website address if require

    List of Apothecary created in Odoo ERP software.

    You can see all the list of details for this Apothecary including address, website, phone number, prescriptions etc. These fields can be further customized as per your business needs an requirements.

    Domiciliary Units management :

    List of Domiciliary Units created

    Complete information you can see in Domiciliary unit

    Patient Management :

    You can create out patient admissions – here are the list of out patient admission

    Complete information about a particular patient information

    You can see the appointments, prescriptionm vaccines, number of admission, evaluation, surgeries performed for this particular patient.

    In patient Admission – Here you can see all the list of in patient admission.

    List of InPatient Admission which you can see in Odoo ERP software

    You can click on create button and start adding all the information about the new patients – These fields are further customizable as per your requirements. You can even assign the healthcare center, building name, ward , and bed.

    Vaccines management

    You can see the list of vaccines and doses

    You can create new vaccines by clicking on create button including dose, and doctors.

    Cal logs management helps you to manage patient call logs within odoo ERP software

    Here you can see the list of call logs with call type and people incharge.

    Creating a new call log

    Physicians & Appointments

    Here you can see all the list of physicians that are working

    You can create the physicians with all the information

    Appointments management

    list of appointments including the urgency level, physicians

    Appointments with complete flow and information

    Prescriptions management – Here you can manage your prescriptions

    LIst of prescription

    Complete details of prescription

    Evaluations : Health care evaluation is the critical assessment, through rigorous processes, of an aspect of healthcare to assess whether it fulfils its objectives.

    List of Evaluations

    Complete details of evaluation


    Here you can manage new born 

    Complete details of new born baby

    List of other features includes Surgery Management

    Here you can see the list of Surgeries:

    You can add the new surgery with patient name, sugery type, urgency type, surgeon who would be performing the surgery and so on…

    Insurances management

    Here you can see the list of insurances for the patients

    Status of insurance information including the activation date, suspension date and so on…

    There are many other features available in this application. Since Odoo is a web based ERP one of the biggest advantage you get of using our module is to have a web based Hospital Information Management system. With a complete ERP suite of software module to computerize any large scale hospital and connect with its clinics and its branches. It is fully online web based software.

    The information is available anytime, anywhere. Our module is fully customizable or additional features which are not available as of now can be created easily making it User friendly, Highly versatile, Quick Install-able, Completely Database driven, Centralized Database, Hospital Information Management System ERP software available in the market today,Please take a look on the features described below in our Odoo Module.

    Please click the below button to check complete functions of Odoo Hospital management app developed by Globalteckz. We tried to cover as much as features a health care management software require, In case there are any missing areas in the app which you feel we can cover do let us know.

    This module is available on latest Odoo ERP works with Enterprise edition also and can be further customized as per the business needs and requirements.