CBMS ERP Facebook Pixel Integration


CBMS Facebook Pixel Integration is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your CBMS website. https://mymycbms.com/blog/odoo-facebook-pixel-integration/
CBMS Facebook Pixel Integration
Facebook Pixel Integration in CBMS
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CBMS Fb Pixel Integration
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    Facebook Pixel Integration

    Collect data and lead to good conversion via Facebook Pixel in CBMS!!

    Now, study the movement of visitors on your CBMS website via Facebook Pixel. It sends customer behaviour data from CBMS website to Facebook Pixel. This module lets you easily deploy various tracking events to collect useful data from CBMS website for analysis.


    User Guide

    What is Facebook Pixel?

    Facebook Pixel is an analytical tool which collects data about various actions taken by the visitors on your CBMS website. It even lets you deploy various retargeting strategies to bring back the customer and convert potential leads.

    • Make sure that your ads are being shown to the right people.
    • Build advertising audiences.
    • Unlock additional Facebook advertising tools.

    Track your visitors footsteps via Facebook pixel Integration in CBMS!!

    • The module allows you to send data related to customers' behaviour on your website.
    • The data can be used to study the actions of customers and take the best measures to increase conversions and bring in more leads.
    • Data for actions such as Pageviews, Searches, Add to cart, Initiate Checkout, Add Payment Info, Purchase and Content Viewed is directly sent to the Facebook Pixels.
    • The data is collected and sent to the Facebook Pixel Analytical tool. With this, you will be able to detect the places that need optimization for good conversion rates.
    • It even lets you target the right audience by advertising the right products and increasing your sales and profits.

    Detailed Features List

    Below is the list of features of Facebook Pixel Integration

    Configure the Facebook Pixel analytical tool with CBMS

    • The CBMS Facebook Pixel Integration module configures the Facebook Pixel analytical tool with CBMS website.
    • Once configured, it sends customer behaviour data from CBMS website to Facebook Pixel.

    Track your customer's behaviour on CBMS with facebook pixel

    • This module lets you easily deploy various tracking events to collect useful data from CBMS website for analysis.
    • Data related to events such as Search, Add to cart, Initiate checkout, Add payment info, Purchase and View content is sent to the Facebook Pixel.
    • Implemented Enhanced Ecommerce features like Add to cart, Purchase, etc.

    Setup an account in Facebook Pixel & get pixel id from the account. For more info Click Here.

    Simple configuration for back-end user which will be easily available from Website > Configuration > Settings > Website > Facebook Pixel.

    Enable Facebook Pixel Setting & then fill pixel id.

    An event is any action on your website that can be tracked, such as when someone clicks a button or visits a page. With Facebook pixel, module adds the events that matter to CBMS ODOO ecommerce, and give them categories (like Add to Cart or Purchase) that reflect a visitor's action.

    Check Pixel standard events

    • Search
    • Add to cart
    • Initiate checkout
    • Add payment info
    • Purchase
    • View content (ex: product page, landing page)

    Now track and report website traffic in facebook analytics platform.

    After you install this module you can see your pixel event data on the Pixel page.

    On the Data Sources tab, you can measure and optimize your ad campaigns that are leveraging your pixel event data.

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