Basic Simple Hospital Management System - CBMS ERP HMS A003

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    Basic Hospital Management System CBMS Apps

    This CBMS Apps helps to manage day to day activities of hospital and clinic which can be helpful for any Hospital and medical facilities. This module helps to manage Patient details,Doctors details, Patient Appointment, Prescription, Patient Hospitalization etc


    Manage Patient Details.

    The Patient can enter their details. There are tabs to show patient details like medicament, diseases, lab test, etc.

    Receptionist can create Appointment.

    Receptionist can create appointment with the details like physician , consultation service etc.

    Patient Hospitalization Details.

    Help administrative department to save the details of patient about his/her hospitalization like bed details, hospitalization date & expected discharge date, and other.

    Generate Patient's Prescriptions.

    Generate prescriptions with the doctor's and patient's details, can create invoice from prescription.

    Lab Test Request and Result.

    Patient can request for the lab test and can get the user of the lab test..

    Generate Report for patient details, appointment, prescriptions, lab-test.

    Patient can generate the report for their details, appointment, prescriptions, lab-test.

    Demo Request Video Tutorial


    You can enter all the details of patients. All other tabs will show details about patients like medicaments, lab test details, etc...

    Patient Card Report

    Report for Patient Card can be generated.

    Patient Medication History Report

    Patient Vaccinations History Report

    Patient Disease Summary Report


    In Hospital Management > Appointments menu the user can create a new appointment, view and manage an appointment.


    Appointments Invoice

    Users can create an invoice for an appointment by clicking the "CREATE INVOICE" button.


    Prescription is feature where after diagnosis of the patient, you can enter the details of prescripted medicaments, its dosage and other details.

    Prescription Invoice

    Users can create an invoice for a prescription by clicking the "CREATE INVOICE" button.

    Prescription Report

    Reports for Prescription can be generated.

    Patient Hospitalization

    In Hospital Management > Inpatient Administration > Patient Hospitalization menu users can create patient hospitalization and enter detail about his/her hospitalization, patient's bed details, hospitalization date & expected discharge date, and other details and click the "CONFIRM REGISTRATION" button.

    Patient Admission

    On clicking the "PATIENT ADMISSION" button user can see the patient admitted and the state changed to "Hospitalized" from confirmed.

    Discharge Patient

    Users can see beds added to a patient hospitalized, User also can discharge a patient by clicking the "DISCHARGE PATIENT" button.


    Lab Requests

    In Hospital Management > Laboratory > Draft Lab Request menu users can create lab requests.

    Lab Tests Results

    In Hospital Management > Laboratory > Lab Test Result menu users can create test results, Also by clicking the "CREATE LAB TEST" button and enter test cases.

    Lab Tests Invoice

    Users can create lab test invoice by clicking the "CREATE LAB INVOICE" button.

    Laboratory Report