CBMS ERP Manufacturing
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Manufacturing Orders & BOMs CBMS ODOO Manufacturing Resource Planning

Manage Bill of Materials, plan manufacturing orders, track work orders with the
CBMS ODOO <a href="">Open Source MRP</a> app.

Get all your assembly or manufacturing operations managed by CBMS ODOO. Schedule
manufacturing orders and work orders automatically. Review the proposed
planning with the smart kanban and gantt views. Use the advanced analytics
features to detect bottleneck in resources capacities and inventory locations.

Schedule Manufacturing Orders Efficiently

Get manufacturing orders and work orders scheduled automatically based on your
procurement rules, quantities forecasted and dependent demand (demand for this
part based on another part consuming it).

Define Flexible Master Data

Get the flexibility to create multi-level bill of materials, optional routing,
version changes and phantom bill of materials. You can use BoM for kits or for
manufacturing orders.

Get Flexibility In All Operations

Edit manually all proposed operations at any level of the progress. With CBMS ODOO,
you will not be frustrated by a rigid system.

Schedule Work Orders

Check resources capacities and fix bottlenecks. Define routings and plan the
working time and capacity of your resources. Quickly identify resource
requirements and bottlenecks to ensure your production meets your delivery
schedule dates.

A Productive User Interface

Organize manufacturing orders and work orders the way you like it. Process next
orders from the list view, control in the calendar view and edit the proposed
schedule in the Gantt view.

Inventory & Manufacturing Analytics

Track the evolution of the stock value, according to the level of manufacturing
activities as they progress in the transformation process.

Fully Integrated with Operations

Get your manufacturing resource planning accurate with it's full integration
with sales and purchases apps. The accounting integration allows real time
accounting valuation and deeper reporting on costs and revenues on your
manufacturing operations.

CBMS ERP Quality
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Control the quality of your products
Quality Control
* Define quality points that will generate quality checks on pickings,
manufacturing orders or work orders (quality_mrp)
* Quality alerts can be created independently or related to quality checks
* Possibility to add a measure to the quality check with a min/max tolerance
* Define your stages for the quality alerts
CBMS ERP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
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Manage engineering change orders on products, bills of material
Product Life Management

* Versioning of Bill of Materials and Products
* Different approval flows possible depending on the type of change order

CBMS ERP Master Production Schedule
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Master Production Schedule
Master Production Schedule

Sometimes you need to create the purchase orders for the components of
manufacturing orders that will only be created later. Or for production orders
where you will only have the sales orders later. The solution is to predict
your sale forecasts and based on that you will already create some production
orders or purchase orders.

You need to choose the products you want to add to the report. You can choose
the period for the report: day, week, month, ... It is also possible to define
safety stock, min/max to supply and to manually override the amount you will
CBMS ERP IoT features for Work Order
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Steps in MRP work orders with IoT devices
Configure IoT devices to be used in certain
steps for taking measures, taking pictures, ...
CBMS ERP Full Traceability Report Demo Data
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Full Traceability Report Demo Data
Full Traceability Report Demo Data
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Work Orders, Planning, Stock Reports. Enterprise extension for MRP
* Work order planning. Check planning by Gantt views grouped by production order / work center
* Traceability report
* Cost Structure report (mrp_account)
CBMS ERP Multiple Branch Unit Operations for Manufacturing
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Multiple Branch Management Multi Branch manufacturing app Multiple Unit Operating unit manufacturing branch mrp branch production multiple branch manufacturing single company with Multi Branches multi company branch mrp unit multi branch mrp multi branch
Multiple Unit operation management for single company, Mutiple Branch management for single company, multiple operation for single company.
Branch for POS, Branch for Sales, Branch for Purchase, Branch for all, Branch for Accounting, Branch for invoicing, Branch for Payment order, Branch for point of sales, Branch for voucher, Branch for All Accounting reports, Branch Accounting filter.Branch for warehouse, branch for sale stock, branch for location
Unit for POS, Unit for Sales, Unit for Purchase, Unit for all, Unit for Accounting, Unit for invoicing, Unit for Payment order, Unit for point of sales, Unit for voucher, Unit for All Accounting reports, Unit Accounting filter.branch unit for warehouse, branch unit for sale stock, branch unit for location
Unit Operation for POS, Unit Operation for Sales, Unit operation for Purchase, Unit operation for all, Unit operation for Accounting, Unit Operation for invoicing, Unit operation for Payment order, Unit operation for point of sales, Unit operation for voucher, Unit operation for All Accounting reports, Unit operation Accounting filter.
Branch Operation for POS, Branch Operation for Sales, Branch operation for Purchase, Branch operation for all, Branch operation for Accounting, Branch Operation for invoicing, Branch operation for Payment order, Branch operation for point of sales, Branch operation for voucher, Branch operation for All Accounting reports, Branch operation Accounting filter.

operating unit for company.
Multiple Branch Operation Setup for Human Resource
Unit Operation Setup for Human Resource

Multiple Branch Operation Setup for MRP
Unit Operation Setup for MRP
multiple branch for Manufacturing Order
multiple branch for MRP BOM
multiple branch for Production order
multiple branch for Manufacturing Application
multiple branch for MRP Application
multiple branch for BOM
multiple branch for Workorders
multiple branch for manufacturing workorders
multiple branch for MRP and production
multiple branch for MRP production
multiple branch for Manufacturing process
multiple branch for All Manufacturing
multiple branch for bill of material

Unit Operation for Manufacturing Order
Unit Operation for MRP BOM
Unit Operation for Production order
Unit Operation for Manufacturing Application
Unit Operation for MRP Application
Unit Operation for BOM
Unit Operation for Workorders
multiple Unit Operation for manufacturing workorders
multiple Unit Operation for MRP and production
multiple Unit Operation for MRP production
multiple Unit Operation for Manufacturing process
multiple Unit Operation for All Manufacturing
multiple Unit Operation for bill of material
branch mrp
mrp branch
mrp operating unit
mrp unit operation management
mrp multiple unit
operating unit mrp
branch manufacturing order
manufacturing branch
manufacturing operating unit
manufacturing unit operation management
manufacturing multiple unit
operating unit manufacturing
multi branch management
multi branch application
multi operation unit application multi branch CBMS ODOO multi branch
all in one multi branch application multi branch unit operation multi unit operation branch management
CBMS ODOO multi branches management application multi operation mangement

operating Unit for POS,operating Unit for Sales,operating Unit for Purchase,operating Unit for all,operating Unit for Accounting,operating Unit for invoicing,operating Unit for Payment order,operating Unit for point of sales,operating Unit for voucher,operating Unit for All Accounting reports,operating Unit Accounting filter. Operating unit for picking, operating unit for warehouse, operaing unit for sale stock, operating unit for location
operating-Unit Operation for POS,operating-Unit Operation for Sales,operating-Unit operation for Purchase,operating-Unit operation for all, operating-Unit operation for Accounting,operating-Unit Operation for invoicing,operating-Unit operation for Payment order,operating-Unit operation for point of sales,operating-Unit operation for voucher,operating-Unit operation for All Accounting reports,operating-Unit operation Accounting filter.
CBMS ERP Accounting - MRP
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<p>Analytic accounting in Manufacturing<br>
Analytic Accounting in MRP<br>
<p>* Cost structure report</p>
<p>Also, allows to compute the cost of the product based on its BoM, using the costs of its components and work center operations.<br>
It adds a button on the product itself but also an action in the list view of the products.<br>
If the automated inventory valuation is active, the necessary accounting entries will be created.</p>
CBMS ERP Accounting - MRP
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<p>Analytic accounting in Manufacturing<br>
Analytic Accounting in MRP<br>
<p>* Cost structure report</p>
CBMS ERP Landed Costs On MO
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Landed Costs on Manufacturing Order
This module allows you to easily add extra costs on manufacturing order
and decide the split of these costs among their stock moves in order to
take them into account in your stock valuation.
CBMS ERP Maintenance - MRP
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Schedule and manage maintenance on machine and tools.
Maintenance in MRP
* Preventive vs corrective maintenance
* Define different stages for your maintenance requests
* Plan maintenance requests (also recurring preventive)
* Equipments related to workcenters
* MTBF, MTTR, ...
CBMS ERP Manufacturing Expiry
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Manufacturing Expiry
Technical module.
CBMS ERP MRP Subcontracting
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Subcontract Productions
₦ 5,000.00 ₦ 5,000.00 5000.0 NGN
MRP Workorder Expiry
Technical module.
CBMS ERP Product Pack (Bundle) or Combo Products
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Bundle / Pack Product
Combo Products
Bundle Pack Product
CBMS ERP Simple Manufacturing Orders
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This module allow you to create manufacturing orders with out
taking the work orders or work centers. Create Manufacturing Orders Easily
CBMS ERP BOM Multiple Product Selection
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An option to choose multiple products when creating
the Bill of material in Manufacturing module Multiple Product Selection in Bill of material
CBMS ERP Show Total Cost on BOM
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This Module Helps to Show the 'Total cost per Unit and
Total Cost of a BOM' Based on the Components Cost price This Module Helps to Show the Total Cost of a BOM
CBMS ERP Tailor App Integrate Manufacturing MRP
₦ 5,000.00 ₦ 5,000.00 5000.0 NGN

This app integrates tailor business or tailor shop with CBMS ODOO manufacturing (MRP) module of CBMS ODOO by using below listed features as per screenshots.
- Allow you to create your bill of materials to manage your tailor request from customers.
- You are allowed to create a new BOM or use an existing BOM on tailor request and based on that system will allow you to create a manufacturing order.
- Your tailor user should have manufacturing access to use MRP.
- Using a bill of materials creates Manufacturing Orders & Work Orders directly from tailoring requests.
- Manage your work order process for the tailor process in CBMS ODOO.
- Showing BOM and Manufacturing order reference on tailor request.
- For more details please check below screenshots and watch the video.
Cloths Tailor Management With Manufacturing MRP