CBMS ERP Inventory Movement Report (Onscreen, Excel and PDF)


Inventory Movement Report (Onscreen, Excel and PDF) Inventory movement report


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    Important Notes

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    Inventory Movement Onscreen Report

    This module helps inventory managers to analyze their inventory status and each inventory related real time updations with affecting inventory valuations.

    At the starting and ending of financial year, this reports helps inventory managers to display all kinds of real time inventory data and updations directly on a single screen rather than going at each individual report

    This module is compatible with

    • Community
    • Enterprise
    • CBMS.sh

    Key Features

    • Opening Inventory quantity and valuations
    • Incoming Inventory quantity and valuations
    • Outgoing Inventory quantity and valuations
    • Closing Inventory quantity and valuations
    • Highlighted negative quantity and valuations
    • Easily identify totals of quantity and valuations with different colours
    • Filterization like Today, Monthly, Weekly
    • Date-Range search functionality
    • Filterize by selective products across various products
    • Filterize by selective products categories
    • Company wise Inventory bifurcation
    • Pagination for records limit
    • Download PDF Reports
    • Download Excel Reports

    Configure number of records to display

    Menu Sequence: Inventory Configuration Settings

    Inventory manager will configure pagination limit like how many records should be displayed on a single page of an inventory report.

    Inventory Movement Screen

    Menu Sequence: Inventory Reporting Inventory Movement

    All Inventory movements will be displayed with detailed information.

    Filters & Options

    Date Filters

    Inventory manager can filter inventory data by daily, monthly, weekly or selective date range.

    Products Filter

    Inventory manager can filter inventory data grouped by various products.

    Product Categories Filter

    Inventory manager can filter inventory data grouped by various products categories.

    Company Options

    Inventory manager can filter inventory data as per different companies at once.

    PDF & Excel Reports

    PDF report

    Inventory manager can generate inventory data into pdf file format.

    Excel report

    Inventory manager can exports inventory data into excel file format.

    Free Support

    1) One month free bug support period will be offered pertaining to any one server used, testing or live.
    2) If an error appears in our app due to other custom modules installed in your system, we will charge for our efforts to resolve those errors.
    3) Please refer the document for configuration. If you need our support for configuration, please request our paid support.
    4) Please note that you are not allowed to distribute or resell this module after purchase.
    5) This module is tested and working on CBMS vanilla with Ubuntu OS.
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