CBMS ERP Mail Messages Easy Pro


Extra features for free 'Mail Messages Easy' app
Show Lost Message, Move Message, Reply,
Forward, Move, Edit or Delete
from Chatter, Filter Messages in Chatter

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    Important Notes

     A new Company Database is automatically created when you order a Software Package from the shop and Login details sent to your email, login to the new database and on Apps page you can activate the Software purchased.

     If you want this module or app to appear in your existing database first login to your database and visit the Apps page to search for this module name and click Activate or Install   

     To order now select the correct Currency for your Country  from the Top right corner or use USD if your country is not available . Default Standard Package Price is shown, 

    You can purchase extra addons or extra users  to top up your existing database by contacting us or opening a Support Ticket 


    Mail Messages Easy Pro Version

    All features of basic version plus:

    • Message Preview Pane
    • Edit or Delete Messages and Notes directly from Chatter or Discuss thread
    • Move messages to other thread/record
    • Reply , Forward , Move message directly from Discuss or Chatter thread
    • Flexible Chatter: Show/hide Messages, Notes, Notifications!
    • Assign message author if author was not detected automatically
    • Delete CRM Leads/Opportunities if no messages left except for Notifications
    • Show lost messages
      Sometimes CBMS cannot determine target model/record for the message and such messages remain unassigned so users cannot see them.
      Meanwhile these messages can contain important information!
      Go to "Lost" menu in "Messages" where you can read all of them and move to proper record manually!
      Hint: Add user to group "Messages: View Lost Messages" to access lost messages. Go to "Settings->Users", open User's profile and set checkbox on this setting.
    • N.B. This is an extension of Mail Messages Easy module. Please check its description before using this module!
    • N.B. Module features may vary depending on CBMS version. Please check description exactly for your CBMS version


    • Message preview pane


    • Tested on CBMS Community and CBMS Enterprise Edition
    • German, Spanish, Russian language translations
    • English, German and Russian language support

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    Message preview

    Show lost messages

    Move messages to other thread

    Reply, Forward, Move, Edit, Delete
    Show/hide Messages, Notes, Notifications

    Delete empty Leads (use with care!)