CBMS ERP Infinito Backend Theme


The Backend Theme Infinito Is A Dynamic And Ultimate Theme
For Your CBMS V15. This Theme Will Give You A New Experience With CBMS.
Main Highlight Of The Theme Is You Can Dynamically Change The Colors,
Views, Buttons, Different Types Sidebar...Etc Utmost and dynamic backend theme for CBMS 15

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    Important Notes

     A new Company Database is automatically created when you order a Software Package from the shop and Login details sent to your email, login to the new database and on Apps page you can activate the Software purchased.

     If you want this module or app to appear in your existing database first login to your database and visit the Apps page to search for this module name and click Activate or Install   

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    Backend Theme iNFINITO

    Utmost and dynamic backend theme for CBMS 15

    The Backend Theme Infinito Is A Dynamic And Ultimate Theme For Your CBMS V15. This Theme Will Give You A New Experience With CBMS. Main Highlight Of The Theme Is You Can Dynamically Change The Colors, Views, Buttons, Different Types Sidebar...Etc. Moreover It Act As A Studio Based Theme. It Also Provides Dark Mode With 3 Configuration, Recent Apps, Menu Bookmark And It Supports RTL. It Is A Perfect Choice For Your CBMS Backend And An Attractive Theme For Your CBMS 15. It Will Give You A Clean Layout With A New Color Combination. It Has A Sidebar With New App Icons, Company Logo And User Menu. This Will Change Your Old Kanban, List And Form Views To A Fully Modified View And Infinto Provides You A Full Screen App Bar With User Image And Greetings.

    Please make sure that you install all your apps prior to the installation of this theme.



    Fully Responsive Layout

    Now take advantage of everything your dashboard has to offer even on the go. Our design are now fully responsive enabling you to view and manage everything from the comfort of your mobile device. Everything has been designed in a meticulous fashion so that every view snaps itself to fit the size of the device you are using, be it smartphones, tablet or any other portables, our theme adjusts itself to fit the screen size.

    Fully responsive

    Fly-out hamburger menu on the left

    Fits perfectly to all screen sizes

    Quick access menu at the bottom in discuss

    Infinito Dynamic Styling

    The significant and attractive feature of the Backend Theme Infinito is its dynamic and powerful styling. The user can design their own style not only for the buttons but also for views, tabs, control panels, and many more aspects. The new Backend Theme Infinito V15 delivers you an entirely redesigned Kanban view and Kanban Group View. The unique stages in the Kanban view offer an extremely attractive design and a precise view. The simple layout with unusual color combinations and custom fonts provides a comfortable experience for the users.

    Dynamic Styles

    New Color Combination

    Edit Button Style

    Choose Button Styles from the Preset

    Clean Layout

    Advanced Style Editor


    Sidebar with Customization

    Backend Theme Infinito V15 ensures stunning themes for your CBMS 15 platform. The new sidebar with more customization options provides a better experience. The system encompasses the Enable/Disable Sidebar, Turn On/Off Company Icon, User menu, and many other aspects such as options to toggle the App icon and name, a clear layout and colors, responsive sidebars, and even the option for customizing your own sidebars.

    Enable/Disable Sidebar

    Turn On/Off Company icon

    User menu

    Toggle the App Icon and Name

    Sidebar with New Menu Icons

    Responsive Sidebar

    Customize Your Own Sidebar

    New Responsive Sidebar

    The All-New Menu Design is Main Attractive Section for the Backend theme infinito. The Sidebar have New Minimalist Icons for Applications in CBMS. Also the Sidebar Have Closing and Opening Option. Customisable Logo Attached in Sidebar That is Automatically Fetch Your Company Logo.

    Full Screen App Menu

    The responsive full-screen app bar proffers a real-time view into the system. The full-screen app bar feature in the application will be very comfortable for the users to get quick and complete access to their applications. In addition, the new application makes your system suitable for all the screen sizes, such as computers, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones.

    Discuss Module View

    Backend Theme Infinito Gives You The Fully Modified Discuss View with a Full Screen Experience. It will Give You a Clean Layout with the New Color Combination and a Modified Font.

    Modified Discuss Style

    Full Screen View


    New Color Combination

    Menu Bookmark

    You can bookmark menus. Bookmarked menus will be visible on hovering the mouse to the right side of screen. You can easily add and remove the bookmarks. The Menu bookmark feature transforms the platform more comfortable to use, and the option is available on the right side of the screen. Also, you have the provision to change the position of bookmarks by simply dragging and dropping them.

    Recent Apps

    The Recent apps feature lodged in the application will be enormously valuable for getting a clear notion about the recently visited applications. This system-level user interface has a profound effect on tracking recent activities and tasks. All the recent apps will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, and they can be dragged and dropped to any position.

    Dark Mode

    The developers of our team went beyond expectations, and they invented a sleek, cool, and elegant dark mode for a better user experience. The Dark mode can be applied in three different modes such as Automatic, Scheduled, and Always. With the Automatic option, you can turn on dark mode automatically at a specific time. It is also easy to schedule dark mode based on your preferences by enabling the Scheduled option. Further, the Always option allows you to turn on the dark mode forever.

    User Edit

    The newly developed Backend Theme Infinito application for CBMS 15 grants separate user edit options. The user and the admin have different configuration options.


    The Infinito Backend Theme application supports RTL- Right To Left Language to ensure closer collaboration with customers from certain regions. Now you can effortlessly respond to users practicing Right To Left languages such as Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, and many others.


    Another exclusive feature of the application is the Loaders. The user has the provision to choose different loading styles from the presets.

    Navbar on Hover

    The exclusive Navbar on hover feature included in the application is highly comfortable for hiding the navbar for full screen. Now the Navbar only shows when hovering at the top of the screen.

    Chameleon Mode

    The Chameleon mode embedded in the application will be very convenient for changing theme colors automatically.

    Kanban view

    Grouped Kanban view

    Apps Kanban View


    Kanban View
    The Backend theme infinito V15 Gives You a Fully Modified Kanban View and Kanban Group View. The Section Wise Separated Stages give a Pleasant Experience And an Extraordinary Design To Your Content Tiles Making The Tiles Look Great. It will Give You a Clean Layout with the New Color Combination and a Modified Font.
    Advanced Editor
    Sidebar: Icons Only
    Apps Page
    Calendar View
    List View
    Grouped List View
    Grouped Kanban View

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