CBMS ERP Advanced Web Domain Widget


<p>Set all relational fields domain by selecting its records unsing `in, not in` operator. </p>

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    Advanced Web Domain Widget

    "Now use the feature of select any models record in domain while using any relational field."

    CBMS base domain widget allows you to only match value or id while user wants to create domain using any relational fields. So, user confused when model has multiple record's id and he/she does't remembered. So, we have simplified that by showing models
    record to the user. so, he/she can select by finding record and select it. our module will autometic adds ids of selected records in domain. To select related model's record and create domain, we allowed additional
    two domain operators ('in', 'not in').




    Select any models records

    Easy to create domain of relational fields by selecting any models record in domain. We provide additional operators ('in' and 'not in') to create relational fields domain.

    Autometic id add in domain

    When user select models records from popup, there will generate tags of record's names and add records id in domain.

    You just need to change in xml files to use our advanced domain feature.

  • Replace name of CBMS ODOO's 'domain' widget to 'terabits_domain' widget.
  • CBMS's domain widget
    Terabits's domain widget

    Here is CBMS ODOO's 'domain' widget for domain creation.

    CBMS domain widget

    Here is customized 'terabits_domain' widget for domain creation.

    Terabits domain widget
    Terabits domain widget

    This module provides domains with an additional feature to select any models record while using any relational field and create a domain after selecting it. for that, we provide two additional operators ('in' and 'not in') that allow the user to select
    a record of any model. after select any record, its id automatic adds in domain.

    User's main benifit is that, he/she does not have to remember models record id while he/she have to create domain based on relational fields, because we direct show all models record so user only have to select its record.

    Please drop an email at hello@ashish-hirpara.com or raise a ticket through the CBMS store itself.

    Yes, I do provide free support for 90 days for any queries or any bug/issue fixing.

    In case of if any bug raised in the listed features of this module, I am committed to providing support free of cost. You will need to provide me server ssh access or database access in order to solve the issue.


    28, 2022

    • Initial release for v15

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